Early Book Review: Dino-Boarding by Lisa Wheeler and Barry Gott

Dino-Boarding by Lisa Wheeler and Barry Gott is the latest in a series of picturebooks about dinosaurs performing sports, and is currently scheduled for release on September 1 2014. Team Green Machine battles the Shredding Crew in a dino-boarding competition. Allo and Diplo thrill the surfing crowd, while Compy comes up short on a short board. Next, Iguano, Raptor, and the Ptero Twins fly high on skateboards. And who will win the snowboarding half-pipe? Tricera and T-Rex each think they'll take home the prize. Let's hope the dinos remembered their helmets since these tricks might get gnarly!

Dino-Boarding is the newest book in the popular series featuring dinosaurs competing in a variety of sports. This book focuses on surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding. The cartoonish dinos wear their helmets and compete hard, playing fairly to win. The pages are colorful and bright, catching young readers eye. There are many details in the illustrations, so the book can withstand multiple reads.

I would recommend Dino-Boarding to young readers that love dinosaurs and or sports. The illustrations are bright and a bit stylized, and will appeal to many young readers.

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