Book Review:The Trouble With Harry by Katie MacAlister

The Trouble With Harry is the third book in the Noble series by Katie MacAlister.  Lord Harry Rosse is a spy that has faced clever and dangerous adversaries, but it's his five offspring who seem likely to drive him mad. Desperate, he advertises for a wife and finds one, but perhaps he should have been a bit more forthcoming on the size of his family. Frederica Pelham, known as Plum, has spent years avoiding the scandal of her past. She is desperate for quiet security and a chance to make a family. What she finds is a titled husband with no desire for new children and five little devils who seem bent on their own destruction, not to mention hers. As all kinds of secrets are catch up with them, Plum knows that the real trouble with Harry is that he's stolen her heart.

The Trouble With Harry has a lot that I love about MacAlister's historical romances. The characters are strong minded, smart, flawed, and quirky. Plum was fooled as a young lady and married to a less than honorable man that just happened to be married already. Scandal destroyed her family, and as a result she is caring for her now 20 year old niece and struggling to make ends meet. She is still sweet and kind hearted, but more than a little weary of society. Harry is at a loss about how to control, discipline, or even keep his brood safe. Accidents have him on edge, but a wife seems to be the best solution. After some stumbling blocks and more than a few crazy antics Plum and Harry hit it off and come to a meeting of the minds, even though they still keep more than a few of their troubles to themselves. The story is great fun and a wonderful follow up to Noble Intentions and Noble Destiny, although each of the books can also stand well on their own.

I highly recommend The Trouble With Harry to all MacAlister fans, fans of historical fiction, and romance with humor woven throughout. The story is a grand romp of hijinks and people that care about each other but afraid to admit just how much.

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