Book Review: Noble Intentions by Katie MacAlister

Noble Intentions is the first book in the Noble series by Katie MacAlister. Noble Britton, Lord Weston, has come to London intending to revisit old friends, enjoy a modicum of society, and find a mild, biddable wife. Gillian Leigh's Unfortunate Habit of speaking her mind and Shocking Susceptibility to Accidents have left her on the shelf at five-and-twenty but intrigues Noble. When Gillian meets the infamous Black Earl, she knows that she's found a man who can match her zest for life; even if that entails the occasional arson, possibly kidnapping, or encounters with his former mistresses. Life with Gillian involves chaos and laughter but Noble intends to claim her for his own, that is if she doesn't accidentally kill him first.

Noble Intentions might be the first book in this series, but I read it third. I read The Trouble with Harry ages ago and just re-read it along with Noble Destiny. Each of the books can stand on its own, but they also connect in fun ways because of the connected group of people. As a long standing fan of MacAlister I knew that I would find quirky characters, humor, and some fun is this historical romance, and I was not let down. Gillian is a fun but strong character with an unfortunate habit of speaking her thoughts, particularly ones that she means to keep to herself. Noble is a widower with a young son that is looking for a stable, predicable life. Gillian is anything but predictable, and he struggles to change that, urging thought and respectability above all else. That just will not work for Gillian, who quickly takes to motherhood and marriage but is not so good at living the respectable life. It is occasionally odd to have Gillian's habit of speaking her private thoughts refereed to as 'Unfortunate Habit", but the entertainment factor overcomes all of that and quickly.

I highly recommend Noble Intentions to all MacAlister fans, fans of historical fiction, and romance with humor woven throughout. There are misunderstandings, but not because of the main players not talking to each other, but because of how much they care. That makes for a fun and entertaining weekend or even single day reads.

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