Early Book Review: I Remember Beirut by Zeinia Abirached

I Remember Beirut is a graphic novel by Zeinia Abirached that is currently scheduled for release on August 1 2014.Zeina Abirached grew up in Beirut in the 1980s as fighting between Christians and Muslims divided the city streets. Abirached recalls the details of ordinary life inside a war zone with a combination of stark reality and simple innocence.

I Remember Beirut has simple but striking black and white images that do a wonderful job of telling the story of everyday life. as a child we often see more than adults expect us too, and still miss vital bits of information until we look back at our childhood from a safe distance. Abirached show readers what it can be like living in a war zone, a situation far too many children have had to deal with throughout history, and are still dealing with today. the juxtaposition of what she saw and thought as a child with the full picture that see has of events today make everything come to life and really let readers understand where she is coming from and what others are still struggling with in a variety of locals today. 
I would highly recommend I Remember Beirut to readers that want to dive in and understand what it was like to live in Beirut in the 1980's and beyond. it will go a long way to show readers just how lucky they may be, and that even though situations and locations may be very different, we are all the same at heart. For another, more detailed look at life during war and Abirached's family and experiences, I would also recommend A Game for Swallows to Die, to Leave, to Return.

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