Book Review: Riding Home by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Riding Home is the sixteenth book in the Sons of Chance series by Vicki Lewis Thompson. This contemporary romance is currently schedule for release as an ebook on  August 1, 2014, it was available as a paperback as July 15, 2014. Jeannette Trenton's name is well known in the small town of Jackson Hole, and on Last Chance Ranch in particular. She is the woman that was engaged to one of their beloved citizens, only to cheat on him with his best friend. Now she has come back to atone for her past actions, and to mend fences with the two men that were once good friends and are now finding their own happy ever after. Zach Powell knows Jeannette's type; a wound-up-tight perfectionist with one eye on her email at all times, because he used to be the same way. . He thinks that she needs to shake it loose, face her imperfections, and allow herself to make mistakes. The only thing no one can mistake it the heat that seems to connect them.

I am a fan of Vicki Lewis Thompson, so when Riding Home popped up on NetGalley I had to read it even though I have not read the previous books in the series. Thankfully this is a series because of the connected people rather than a larger story arch so I do not feel like I was missing out on parts of the story without having read the other books. Jeannette was a good character, she is owning up to her mistakes and trying to make things right. She is aware of her problems and making efforts to fix them. Zach has made some changes too, but is not quite sure if he needs to make more. Both are stubborn, smart, and very attracted to the other. I liked the dynamic between them, and there was some humor and hot scenes a plenty. Each of them irked me at some point because of their stubbornness, but I still enjoyed the read. I think it was Thompson's writing style and combination of humor and steam that carried the book for me.

I would recommend Riding Home to those that have read the first two books in the Sons of Chance series. Thompson fans that have somehow missed this series, like myself, should definitely give it a look. If contemporary cowboys or character growth are what you look for in a romance, then this is a book for you.

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