Book Review: Mustache Baby by Bridget Hoes and Joy Ang

Mustache Baby is a picturebook written by Bridget Hoes and illustrated by Joy Ang. In this delightfully silly picturebook Baby Billy is born with a mustache. The family takes it in stride but have some worry about whether this is a 'good guy' or a 'bad guy' mustache. They are happy to see him spend his time pretending to be a cowboy or cop. However, after a while little Billy’s mustache starts to curl up at the ends in a suspicious fashion and he begins to do dastardly deeds. A tongue in cheek book with a sweet happy ending.

Mustache Baby is funny and sweet, with illustrations that perfectly match the tone of the story. I love the little details in the illustrations that enhance the story. Billy and his mustache are a perfect pair, and the rise and fall of said mustache is delightful. I really enjoyed the ending and the neat little twist it involves. This book has made it into the staff storytime selection to share with my fellow librarians of all ages.

Mustache Baby is a fun story that mustached readers will get a particular kick out of. I think it would make a splendid fathers day gift, or a father to be present to a father with or without facial hair. It is wonderful for sharing in a group for story time, or as one on one reading with your favorite youngster.

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