Book Review: Alice in Tumblr-land: And Other Fairy Tales for a New Generation by Tim Manley 

Alice in Tumblr-land: And Other Fairy Tales for a New Generation by Tim Manley is a quirky and sardonic look at what would happen after the stories we know ended, but set in the era of social media. This book is a funny look at how princesses and their princes, the Ugly Duckling, the Frog Prince, Alice, Peter Pan and more might have continued their tales in the age of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, OkCupid and more. Peter Pan deals with an internet addiction, Red Riding hood deals with a different kind of wolf, the Tortoise and the Hare stalk each other via Facebook, and much more. The book is formatted in short paragraphs and pictures, much like the social media sites that the book uses in the stories.

Alice in Tumblr-land is a quick read that will have middle grade, young adult, and adult readers chuckling as they recognize behavior that seems most prevalent on social media. Fairy tale characters losing themselves in Facebook and dealing with the social issues we all struggle with makes the little bursts of stories that much more relatable and humorous. The illustrations are a perfect pairing to the tiny tales, adding some humor and insight to the stories. I will admit that  expected some of the stories to come together, but the book still really worked for me.

Alice in Tumblr-land is an entertaining and quick read. It is perfect for light reading outside or where you might need to occasionally put the book down to take a swim to beat the heat. It was funny, and sometimes surprisingly insightful. I really enjoyed the read, and finished it off in a single sitting.

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