Book Review: Red Hot Dragon (Dragon Heat #2) by Lolita Lopez

Red Hot Dragon is the second novella in the Dragon Heat series by Lolita Lopez. In this installment we see Griffin Cadogan is shocked to see Avani Monroe, sworn enemy of his dragon family, walk into his gym. With his mating phase soon approaching, Griffin is curious as to why she has to come enemy territory knowing the risks. Not only does she surprise Griffin and his cousin, Mad, by coming to enemy territory, but what she wants is borderline insane. She wants Griffin to help her have a baby.

Red Hot Dragon is a novella with plenty of steamy sex scenes, but very little character and greater plot development for the larger story arc. Griffin is a mega alpha male, that is entering his mating phase and while more than willing to make a baby, is not willing to walk away from any child that might result. Avani is the last of her line, and desperate to be everything to a child that her parents were not. the pair start off all about the sex, but almost instantly feel more for each other. The hunters play their part, and there is a tantalizing glimpse at who best be the staring couple of the next book. when I finished the book I was more interested in the characters for the next book, than in Griffin and Avani.

If you are looking for a short read with lots of sex, then Red Hot Dragon is for you. If you expect a little more character and plot development, yes it can be done in a novella, then you might be disappointed with this offering. it was not a bad read, it just did not live up to my expectations. that being said, I do think I will read the next book, if only because I have had my interest peaked in the characters and due to the length of the stories I will not be sacrificing much of my time if it does disappoint.

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