Book Review: Pig and Small by Alex Latimer

Pig and Small by Alex Latimer is a picturebook about how two very different people can look past differences and become great friends. Pig thinks he is sick, he keeps hearing a squeak from his snout and cannot figure out just what is going out. Soon he discovers that he is not sick, the squeak is coming from a little bug that wants to be his friend. The pair try out a series of their favorite activities and find that their sizes make some games hard to play together. However, with a little persistence the pair discover that they have quite a bit in common and become the best of friends.

Pig and Small is a fun picturebook that offers laughs as well as a couple good lessons. Some of the activities, like hide and seek or chess, that Pig and Small attempt to play together are obviously not going to work and are giggle worth via the text and illustrations used to describe the level of failure there. However, there are two lessons here that I think are important for us to teach our kids, and to be reminded of ourselves. The first is the most obvious lesson, that the physical aspects of others is not what makes them friend worthy, rather it is personality and interests that connect people. Secondly, I think the story offers up the idea that not all friendships are instant fits, like all great relationships it might take a little bit of effort to come together, but it will be worth it when you find that connection. I love it!

I highly recommend Pig and Small, not just because of the lessons. The word choices and illustrations are charming and well-paired. I simply enjoyed the read and only considered the depth of the lessons now that I look back and try to put my enjoyment of the book into words.

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