Early Book Review: Shapes in Math, Science and Nature: Squares, Triangles and Circles by Catherine Sheldrick Ross, Bill Slavin

Shapes in Math, Science and Nature: Squares, Triangles, and Circles is a children's concept book written by Catherine Sheldrick Ross and illustrated by Bill Slavin which is scheduled for release on April 1st 2014. This book discusses the tree basic shapes (squares, triangles, and circles) and their importance in the world. These shapes are everywhere and are extremely important in the disciplines of math and science. The book is full of interesting facts about these shapes, and their three dimensional counterparts. Explanations of these shapes and the applications in geometry, engineering, school, and much more can inspire young readers.

Shapes in Math, Science, and Nature is a book that introduces the history and current practical applications of geometry and much more. I really enjoyed the variety of puzzles and activities that are included throughout the book to bring home the points already made, and to encourage readers to take their new knowledge to the next level. I think this book would be a wonderful resources for classrooms, parents, and particularly home schooling families working with geometry or engineering. Young readers that are particularly interested in math, nature, science, or engineering will enjoy exploring the book to further their understanding.
Shapes in Math, Science and Nature is an introduction and expansion of information about the basics of geometry. It covers the applications at home, in school and just about everywhere in between. Puzzles and activities add to the fun factor and make the book a great classroom and study resource.

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