Book Review: Two Parrots by Rumi, Rashin

Two Parrots is a classic tale from Rumi and illustrated by Rashin.  A plucky parrot living in the home of a wealthy merchant appears to have everything: the love of his owner, the best food, and a golden cage. But, despite all this, the parrot is sad. The merchant will do anything to make his parrot happy! But will he be willing to set his beloved pet free?

Two Parrots is a classic tale that many of us have heard in some form. A bird lives in a gilded cage and is given everything he could possibly need, but is unhappy because despite everything he is still captive. Using his wit the parrot tricks the merchant into setting him free, which in turn makes the merchant sad. It is only in the return of the parrot and conversation between the pair that the realization that captivity and love do not survive together. Freedom is a need, and in giving that the merchant was able to gain a true friendship with the parrot. The bright, colorful illustrations really bring the story a fresh feel and new life. A simple story that can be widely enjoyed.

I would recommend Two Parrots for readers that enjoy seeing folklore and its re-tellings from around the world. The artwork by Rashin matches the story and will interest readers of all ages.

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