Book Review: Handle With Care: An Unusual Butterfly Journey by Loree Griffin Burns, Ellen Harasimowicz

Handle With Care: An Unusual Butterfly Journey is a nonfiction children's book written by Loree Griffin Burns and illustrated by Ellen Harasimowicz. The book describes the work done on a butterfly farm in Costa Rica, as well as the journey the farmed butterflies take. Workers care for these delicate, winged creatures as they change from eggs to caterpillars to pupae. Like any other crop, the butterflies must eventually leave the farm. But where will they go, and just how do you ship a butterfly?

Handle With Care was a beautiful and interesting read. I have seen libraries, schools, and museums (and more recently commercials about ordering them for home) with cocoons waiting to open and reveal a butterfly or moth, but I never really thought about the source for this living things. I loved getting a look at the care and dedication that butterfly farms put into raising healthy caterpillars, and in turn butterflies. The photographs were stunning as well, and I spent some time flipping through the pages just to enjoy the images after finishing the book the first time. The information is presented in a way that is easy to understand and engaging.

I would highly recommend Handle With Care for libraries and classrooms. I think the book would be a great classroom aid for discussions about life cycles and nature. Every insect loving child will find something interesting here, and just might be inspired to do a little further research and investigation.

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