Blog Tour Review for I'll Never Let You Go by Marianne Richmond

I'll Never Let You Go by Marianne Richmond is a charming picturebook about the love a child has for their favorite blanket or stuffed animal. Edward has had Blankie since the day he was born. They do everything together and would do anything for each other. However, it is time for Edward to go to school, and he needs to leave Blankie at home. The story handles his questions and fears about the separation, and parallels that with a parent's need to handle separation as well.

I'll Never Let You Go is a sweet book about love and growing up. Edward and his Blankie are best friends, doing everything together. As school looms he must deal with being separated from Blankie, as well as his mother. I think all children with a favorite blanket, animal, or whatever, can relate to Edward. Parents can also relate to the need to let their children grow up and face their similar challenges and the explanations that come with them. The lovely illustrations and delightful text come together to make this a charming story to share.

I think that I'll Never Let You Go is a sweet book that can strike a cord with many children, parents, and teachers. I think that it could be especially useful in households that are facing similar crisis- such as the loss or necessary separation between parents and children or children and their favorite object.

About the Author:
Beloved author and illustrator MARIANNE RICHMOND has touched the lives of millions for nearly two decades through her award-winning books, greeting cards, and other gift products that offer people the most heartfelt way to connect with each other. She lives in the Minneapolis area. Visit

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