Book Spotlight: Saving Hascal's Horrors by Laura Smith

Saving Hascal's Horrors by Laura Smith is a middle grade novel currently available in paperback and digital formats.

Mike Hascal is about to turn 10, making him one year closer to taking over his family’s horror shop. Hascal’s Horrors has been run by Mike’s big sister, Julie, ever since their father died seven years ago. However, a tragedy that occurred right before their father died has haunted the family ever since. A local teen, Shawn Mackey, disappeared in the local woods while trying to take a picture of a ghost for one of the shop’s contests. After his disappearance, the Mackey family forced the Hascal family to close its doors to walk-in customers, particularly children.

When business slows down, Mike Hascal decides to take matters into his own hands to reopen his family’s shop to the public. With the help of his old friends and a new friend, fellow horror lover Freddy Nickerman, Mike sets out to find out what happened to Shawn Mackey in those woods seven years ago, save his family’s shop and bring the Mackey family peace.
Samantha Grayson writes: “For the market this book is aimed at it hits the mark spot on, but it will also be enjoyed by many others. The dialogue and the narratives are fantastic. It draws you into the book and the story comes alive.”
Amazon reviewer Diana L. writes: “if you’re an adult- well, you may find that you enjoyed this book as much as I did. If you are purchasing for a child (especially one 10 or 11), I suggest you do as I've always done and read through the book first. If your child likes ghost tales, this one may be a perfect choice for him or her.”
About the Author
Laura SmithI'm a writer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I earned my B.A. in Creative Writing from Carlow University in 2007 and have worked for a Long Term Care Insurance Broker ever since. I"m currently working on my third novel. I have previously had poetry published in Rune Magazine, Voices from the Garage and Falling Star Magazine, Blast Furnace Press, The Lavender Review, James Dickey and Torrid. My first bookThe Stable House, is also available on Amazon: .
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