Book Review: Faeries & Elementals for Beginners: Learn about & Communicate with Nature Spirits by Alexandra Chauran

Faeries & Elementals for Beginners: Learn about & Communicate with Nature Spirits is a nonfiction book by Alexandra Chauran. For those interested in the earth based religions or those just interested in faery lore, this guide will explain the natures of a wide assortment of Fae. If you are a practitioner looking to understand and work with  faeries and elementals and attract them to your home and garden, or just fascinated with the mere idea of them, this book is a wonderful starting point in your research.

Faeries & Elementals for Beginners is very matter of fact about the ideas of Fae, including elementals. While I am a practicing Lutheran and not one to dabble, I love reading about other beliefs and the foundations of various lore. There are far more things on earth and in the world in general than I can even pretend to understand, so I would rather research everything just in case. Also, as I read quite a bit of fiction that is paranormal, faery tale based, and urban fantasy I often will see mention and brief explanations of certain creatures in the pages, and find that more background and understanding of the lore adds an extra layer of enjoyment to my reading. So, if you do not believe that the Fae are real, do not immediately turn your nose up at the book, it is still an interesting read if approached with an open and curious mind.

For those that are interested in a practical application of the information found in Faeries & Elementals for Beginners, I have to say that it offers detailed information and would work as a wonderful cornerstone for your research. There is detailed information about the rituals, including the whys and wherefores. The wide variety of beings are well organized and described, offering more information on just about all of those listed then I have seen in any other book. There are step-by-step instructions for invoking faeries and elementals, you'll find rituals, meditations, and everything you need to begin safely interacting with these magical entities. I cannot attest to the accuracy of the methods offered, as I have not tried any of them.

I would recommend Faeries & Elementals for Beginners to anyone looking for more information of these creatures, and those looking to work with them. I think that it can also work as a great resource to readers and writers that are looking for more information on the subject, as well as to those looking for practical instruction.
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