Book Review: Callahan Cowboy Triplets by Tina Leonard

Callahan Cowboy Triplets is the latest book in the Harlequin American Romance\Callahan Cowboys series by Tina Leonard. I have not read any of the other books in the series, so I was missing quite a bit of the larger story arch, but was able to keep of with the romance portion of the story and catch up to the rest (for the most part).

Tighe Callahan is extremely attracted to the independent bodyguard River Martin. Thanks to a scheme to keep him from riding a bull, he briefly catches her in a midnight seduction he'll never forget. Before long Tighe learns he's about to become a daddy, three times over! Not even an plot by his scheming uncle can stop him from making River and their babies-to-be his, he just needs to convince River to agree. Standing down isn't in River's vocabulary. Tighe can insist on doing the honorable thing all he wants, but she is not getting married without love on the table. A dangerous quest, kidnapping, a magic wedding dress, and the Callahan ancestors all have a part to play in this romance.

Callahan Cowboy Triplets is a book that seems to rely pretty heavily on knowing the history. The family legends and conflict seem to play a big role in everyone's actions- and the number of multiples is a bit unnerving even though I know it does run in families. My real issue is that the hero, Tighe, is reasonable and independent- not into marriage and family legends at all(aside from his connection to his grandfather). Suddenly, as soon as River admits to being pregnant, he needs to be married to her, and sooner rather than later. I know there are some mention of each River and Tighe lusting after each other for a long time, but it seemed like a sudden change of character for me. I did like that River was smart and independent, with an open mind and some serious bodyguard skills. Her character, and Tighe's elderly family members, were the best parts of the book. The romance portions were not bad, but I found myself distracted my Tighe's obsession with River and getting marries a bit distracting from the flow of the book.

I would recommend Callahan Cowboy Triplets to fans of the series. If you have not read the previous books in the series, like myself, I do not think the book has the flow and impact that it would for those that have been following along.

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