Book Review: The Birthday Queen by Audrey and Don Wood

The Birthday Queen is a picturebook written by Audrey Wood and illustrated by Don Wood. Happy Birthday to you! Today is the most exciting day of the year, and the Birthday Queen knows exactly how to fill it with fun surprises! From decorating your home to baking your favorite cake, the Birthday Queen doesn't forget a thing as she creates a party beyond your wildest dreams!  In a sweet, satisfying ending, the amazing woman who made your special birthday party is revealed to be the person who loves you most--your mother!

The Birthday Queen is a wonderful and brightly illustrated picturebook about a wonderful birthday celebration. What does every birthday boy or girl need for a flawless celebration? Well, they need a Birthday Queen working wonders behind the scenes and leading the show. Every parent will see themselves in the role, doing everything they can to ensure a wonderful day for their little ones. Hopefully the book will also remind children just how much those parents do to make their perfect birthday, or any holiday, celebration everything that they want it to be.

The Birthday Queen is a fun and charming picturebook that celebrates not just the joy that comes with celebrating a birthday, but also all the work and love that a parent puts into creating the celebration. A wonderful book to share around any birthday or other celebration to remind parents why we go through so much work to make our little ones happy and remind children that these things do not just happen with out some effort.
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