Early Book Review: Little Monkey Calms Down by Michael Dahl

Little Monkey Calms Down by Michael Dahl is a board book currently scheduled or release on February 1 2014. The cute Little Monkey is having a rough day. After he melts down he takes some time to calm down before being ready to move on and have fun.

Little Monkey Calms Down is a sweet little board book that will entertain while offering parents and the youngest book lovers tools to use when a bad day is upon them. The story offers reasonable coping tools for even the youngest children, such as cuddling, deep breaths, and singing softly to sooth themselves. Sometimes even parents need to be reminded of these coping skills for ourselves, and the book can start a great dialog about what might help each individual child or adult calm themselves down when things are going wrong or are out of our control.

I would recommend Little Monkey Calms Down for young readers and their caregivers. I think the tools embedded in the story might be particularly useful for a family that is working with one or more children on controlling and understand their emotions. I know I would have used this book with my children if it was around when they were young enough not to turn their noses up at board books.
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