Early Book Review: Endangered and Extinct Mammals by Jennifer Boothroyd

Endangered and Extinct Mammals is an easy non fiction book by Jennifer Boothroyd which is scheduled for release on February 1 2014. This book offers bright colors, large pictures, and fairly simple text about what mammals are, about some that are currently endangered, and some that are extinct and exactly what those terms mean. The book offers some reasons for why these animals are in trouble or have already died at, as well as some things children can do to help.
Endangered and Extinct Mammals is a book for children in kindergarten through maybe second grade and might be a good addition to common core classroom lessons. The book offers some solid definitions and explanations, but I found that there was occasionally some confusing word choices, and moments when more resent information could have been included. For instance, the majority of the extinct animals (aside from the Japanese Sea Otter) have been extinct for a very long time, there must be more resent examples than saber tooth cats and a marine mammal that has been gone since the 1700's. Speaking of that sea cow, I think that example in particular can be confusing since many people call manatees 'sea cow' and they are not extinct as far as this librarian knows. The bright colors and pictures might help capture the attention of more reluctant readers. Also, at the end of the book there is a decent glossary, suggestions for further reading, and some great suggestions for kids to help be part of a solution.

I would recommend Endangered and Extinct Mammals to classrooms that need to reach a certain number of non fiction books to meet the common core standards, and are looking one more book on mammals or endangered animals. However, I have to admit that I think there are books out there that do a better job with this subject for this age group. It was not wrong, it was not bad, it just could have been better.

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