Book Review: The Magic Between Us (Faerie #3) by Tammy Falkner

The Magic Between Us is the third book in the Faerie romance series by Tammy Falkner. I have not read the two previous books, and aside from some secondary plot moments I do not feel that the lack affected my read. Marcus Thorne was groomed to be one of the Trusted Few in the land of the fae, but must step into his father's title in the British ton. In doing so he leaves behind his first love. Cecelia Hewitt, is more than a little upset with Marcus for leaving her behind. The situation is made worse that in the six months Marcus has been gone her mother has passed away and her father has become increasingly troubled. When situations bring them together again Marcus realizes that he has made a mistake and needs to reconcile with Cecelia. But will she be able to trust him again, and will they find a compromise that works for both of them, and their families?

I am not quite sure where to start with The Magic Between Us. Part of the problem lies in the fact that the book is nothing like the description on Goodreads, but does match the description on Amazon. I thought that both Cecelia and Marcus could have been fleshed out a little more, although I am sure readers of the entire series have a slightly fuller understanding of Marcus than newcomers. On the plus side, Cecelia and Marcus really did seem to be made for each other, and his interfering family was fun. I liked that Cecelia made him work for reconciliation, for the most part, and had her own plans rather than completely relying on others. Their interactions were fun and flirtatious. I did think that the resolution with her father was a bit lacking- that a person with as much strength and integrity as Cecilia would have gotten help before this book even began.

I thought that The Magic Between Us was a quick read that could keep readers entertained on a snowy winters night. I would recommend it to those that have read the previous two books in the series so that they could see the end to the larger story arch. If you see the book on the bargain shelf or at the library, it could make for a fun night's reading. However, it is not a book that I would recommend seeking out.

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