Book Review: The Little Vampire Moves In by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg

The Little Vampire Moves In is the second book in the Little Vampire series by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg. I did not read the first book in the series, which might have helped me know about each of the characters and the particulars of this world, but I do not think it had much of an effect of my read. Rudolph, the little vampire, has been banished from his family’s vault because of his friendship with humans. He is now living in the basement of Tony’s apartment house. Tony is afraid that his parents will find out. While Rudolph is being very unhelpful, the scent of vampire seems to be growing and a neighbor complains about the smell.

The Little Vampire Moves In is a neat little story about a normal boy, Tony, and his not so great friend, the vampire Rudolph. Tony is a bit of a loner, and likes his monster movies. But, for the most part he is a typical boy.  Randolph is a vampire, more than a bit self centered, and smells. Yes, apparently vampires literally stink, and seem to be proud of it. Randolph's younger sister is a much more sympathetic character, as she tries to resolve everything and keep the peace. I liked the moments when Tony is introduced to more of Rudolph's home life and the vampire lifestyle, especially a couple action scenes.

I was left feeling a bit luke-warm about The Little Vampire Moves In. I think the series has a certain charm, and might appeal to young readers that are monster obsessed, but it is not a series that I would go out of my way to find or recommend. Although, I have a niece that has a particular love for Germanic authors, and she might get a kick out of trying to read this series in the original German.

The series was originally written in German and translated to English. At this point there are a total of twenty books in the series, and while the first was made into a film at one point, not all have been translated into English, yet.

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