Book Review: A Grimm Legacy (Grimm Tales #1) by Janna Jennings

A Grimm Legacy (Grimm Tales #1)  by Janna Jennings is a book that takes fairy tales, including so that are not incredibly well known, and adds a special twist, combining the timeless quality of old folktales with the challenges of the modern world. The woods of Elorium appear normal to Andi Grace. At least they might seem normal if she had not been somewhere else mere moments earlier, birds are talking, and elves are answering doors. Andi and three other teens have been pulled out of the world and are the reluctant guests of the perplexing millionaire, Mr. Jackson, a stranger keeping secrets while saying he will help them get home. Unexpected family connections to this fairy tale land have the group relying on each other as they dodge evil fairies and battle giants. Faced with characters short on whimsy and bent towards treachery, Andi, Quinn, Fredrick and Dylan are forced into fairy tale roles to find the way home. But in Elorium, happily ever after is never guaranteed.

A Grimm Legacy is the start of a series that holds great promise. Andi, Quinn, Fredrick and Dylan are fairly normal teens that are yanked out of their very different lives and end up in Elorium, a world where all the fairy and folk tales live. There are fairies, elves, witches, princes, queens, and all those characters that make the stories timeless. Each of the teens have their own unique skill set, which aids them along their way. The questions underlying the whole story is why are they there, who is pulling the strings, and how can they get home. I enjoyed the interplay between the characters, and while there was a hint at romance and resulting conflict ahead, I was glad to see that the action and fairy tale conflict was a much bigger part of the story than anything to do with romance. I do not want to get too detailed about the kid's gifts or the stories that they find themselves in, because that discover is part of the fun. Just enjoy the read and remember that the stories we know are not the whole story.

I would recommend A Grimm Legacy older middle grade readers, young adults, and adults that enjoy seeing new takes on folk and fairy tales. There is also mystery, adventure, and a bit of self discovery in the story. Despite this being the start of a series, I will say that enough of the questions are answered to give readers a happy feeling of resolution, but there are still enough larger questions in my mind to make me eager to read the second installment (which is already on my Kindle and waiting for me).
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