Book Review: Eddie and Dog by Alison Brown

Eddie and Dog by Alison Brown is a wonderful picturebook about a boy who really wants a dog. More than anything Eddie wants a friend to have adventures with. When Eddie and Dog find each other purely by chance Eddie thinks that everything will be perfect. They make great friends and enjoy adventure, but Eddie's mom thinks they do not have the space for a dog. No matter how many times Eddie's mom sends Dog away, he always hinds a way back. A smart idea ensures that Eddie and Dog can stay together.

Eddie and Dog is a wonderful story about the connection between a boy and dog, about using imagination to have adventures, and about creative problem solving. The artwork is a perfect match the the text and mood of the story, drawing the reading into the story and bring the characters alive for young readers. I really like the story, and the strength between the bond between Eddie and Dog- though I was left wondering what happened to the owner that originally had Dog, since he was in a dog carrier (or at least near one) when Eddie found him.

I would recommend Eddie and Dog to young readers that love imagination, adventure, and dogs. I would recommend that parents currently in the midst of turning down requests for a dog avoid this book, if only because it might give the requester more fuel and ideas to continue the discussion.

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