Book Review: Storm Song by Nancy Viau and Illustrated by Gynux

Storm Song is a picturebook written by Nancy Viau and Illustrated by Gynux. This book explores the sounds and sights of a storm. Children and their dog are safe in a warm, loving home as they witness a rainy, windy day. Large and colorful use of pictures and words come together to capture the nature of a storm that might seem exciting or scary to younger children.

I think that Storm Song does a wonderful job of capturing a stormy day. The noise and sights, combined with the idea of being trapped inside for a day can make any child scared, frustrated, or restless. This story addresses all of these issues in a way that is fun and in a way that makes young readers more aware of the rhythm and logic of the words chosen. A great book choice for beginning readers looking to read to you for a change.

I recommend Storm Song for school, personal, and public library collections. The illustrations and text come together perfectly and can start a number of discussions with young readers. Conversations about storms, boredom, rainy days, and nature in general. It could certainly sooth the fears of a young child facing their first storms.

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