Book Review: Santa's Cookie Elf by Richard Parrette Jr. and Muideen Ogunmola

Santa's Cookie Elf, written by Richard Parrette Jr. and illustrated by Muideen Ogunmola, is a charming picturebook that answers the question of just how Santa could possibly eat all those cookies. The short answer, he does not. Santa has a special cookie elf that accompanies him on Christmas Eve and eats all the cookies that Santa can not. One young boy discovers this for himself when he spots the cookie elf at work.

Santa's Cookie Elf is a cute book that helps answer some of the Santa related questions asked this time of year., such as how Santa can eat all those cookies without getting a stomach ache. My answer to the kids about this is simple, not everyone leaves out cookies for Santa (we don't) so it might not really be all that many cookies. However, the cookie elf is a answer that I am sure they will like much better- and a position they might both want to apply for at some point. Come on, who would not want to be able to eat all the cookies you could find without gaining weight or suffering from stomach pains? I also liked that the question about Santa (and his helper) getting in and out of houses regardless of whether they have a chimney is answered by 'pixie dust'.

Santa's Cookie Elf is a fun and seasonally appropriate picturebook for those that celebrate Christmas. It was not the best holiday tale, but is was amusing and could entertain readers of a wide variety of ages. My main concern with the book had to do with the digital formatting for the Kindle Fire, but that would obviously not be a problem for those holding the physical copy.
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