Book Review: The Nowhere Box by Sam Zuppardi

The Nowhere Box by Sam Zuppardi is a picturebook in which George becomes so annoyed with his younger brothers that he takes a journey to nowhere in order to escape them. Nowhere seems to be great, there are no brothers, but there is no one else to play with either. George discovers that sometimes he needs some time alone, but sometimes he wants to be with his brothers too.

The Nowhere Box is a great story about siblings and imagination. Every family with more than one child has seen the moments where one kid just needs to get away from the rest, and what kid can resist the allure of a big cardboard box. The character of young George is someone that every kid can relate to on some level, and someone that takes all readers on a trip into imagination. I love to encourage the use of imagination and playing pretend with the children in my life and I think this book does a great job of it. Not only does it encourage imagination use, it also gives kids the knowledge that it is okay to need alone time, and that you can create your own little world no matter where you are, but that they are not alone in needing that. The colorful and offbeat illustrations add a perfect touch to the story.

I would highly recommend The Nowhere Box to home and public library collections. The story and illustrations are perfectly paired and can start a series of great discussions about creativity, imagination, family, and personal space.

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