Book Review: Moonday by Adam Rex

Moonday by Adam Rex is a wonderful picturebook about what would happen if the moon lowered itself into your backyard. The changes in day and night, the tide, and everyone's lack of sleep would quickly become a problem. In a tale where a young girl takes the moon for a ride, Rex blurs the boundary between dreaming and reality.

I really loved the artwork in Moonday. It is what caught my eye and made me open the book. The art is amazing and would make the book something you should read even without the story. The text flows very smoothly and has the feel of verse, with no rhymes but a it rolls of the tongue and works very well as a read aloud book. I think more could have been done with the importance of the moon for tides, day and night, and so on but still found the book to be beautiful and charming.

I would recommend Moonday to those that enjoy fantastic illustrations and the use of imagination in daily life. I think the story would work well for storytime or bedtime reading, and for starting discussions about the moon, nighttime, and imagination.

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