Book Review: Chris P. Bacon: My Life So Far... by Chris P. Bacon, Kristina Tracy

Chris P. Bacon: My Life So Far... is a children's book written by Chris P. Bacon and Kristina Tracy, with illustrations by Penny Weber. I could not resist the cover with the sweet little pig on wheels named Chris P. Bacon. Who could? The story is a true story about a pig that was born without the use of his back legs. Veterinarian Len Lucero adopted the pig and added him to his unique and fun family full of animals. When Dr. Lucero helped Chris P. Bacon learn to get around using a cart made out of toys he just happened to film it, and soon the little pig was a sensation on YouTube and talk shows. The little pig mastered his cart, and was soon rolling around to interviews across the country and meeting others as uniquely talented as himself.

Chris P. Bacon: My Life So Far... is cute, inspiring, and just plain fun. It is a wonderful story about an animal given a chance to survive, learn to thrive, and in turn inspire others. Not only does Chris P. Bacon have a unusual name for a pig, he is also incredibly cute. I had never heard of this little pig before, but I know I will be looking for him on YouTube to follow the adventures of what happens next. The illustrations and inspiration inherent to the story are absolutely wonderful. My only disappointment is that there is not enough detail of Chris's adventures. I would like to have had a bit more detail about one, two, or more of Chris's particular adventures. However, I suppose I can get that online via YouTube and perhaps another book about little Chris will come out to fill that gap as well.

I would recommend Chris P. Bacon: My Life So Far... for library, school, and home collections. The story is cute and inspirational. I think it could be used to open up discussion about people (and animals) that are different, how different people do things, compassion, adoption, and the importance of persistence. The only warning about this book is that it will have everyone clamoring for more information of the little pig, and will likely some time on YouTube to fill those requests.

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