Book Review: Spit Feathers by Jessica Scott Kerrin

Spit Feathers by Jessica Scott Kerrin is a middle grade novel that also happens to be the third book in The Lobster Chronicles. I have not read the previous books in the series, but think that the book stands fairly well on its own. Ferguson Beaver is trying to help his grandfather figure out his legacy. His grandfather doesn't want to have any regrets, like his old friend McDermit, who famously caught a giant lobster but regretted not returning it to sea. When another giant lobster is caught in their fishing community and put up for auction, Ferguson cooks up a plan with his grandfather to bid on the lobster and set it free. Will this be his grandfather's legacy or will the town's richest man ruin everything?

Spit Feathers is a well written children's novel about a boy coming of age while doing his best to help his grandfather secure a memorable legacy. Some attempts, like being the best kite flyer, fail but the spirit of the adventure and the bond between Ferguson and his grandfather really is the heart of the story. Ferguson has school and friend troubles, like one would expect of any kid, but I love his dedication to his grandfather. I did find the ultimate climax and solution to be a little predictable, but it was still a pleasant read.

Spit Feathers is a solid middle grade novel, but did not stand out for me. I would recommend it to readers that have read the previous books and enjoyed them. Readers that really look for books about growing up in a small town might also have a special appreciation for this book, and series as a whole.
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