Book Review: The Solar System Through Infographics by Nadia Higgins

The Solar System Through Infographics by Nadia Higgins is a book that offers all sorts charts, timelines, graphs, and diagrams, about the solar system we live in. There is also a handy glossary of terms to help out readers that need more detailed explanations on particular terms. The amount of data about our solar system can make anyone's head spin. the numbers along can be hard to grasp simply because of the size and age of everything involved. Infographics can help put some of these huge numbers and concepts into perspective and bite size chunks that are easier for everyone to understand.

Ever wonder what would happen if you were sucked into a black hole, or how long would it take a beam of light to cross the universe? Well, The The Solar System Through Infographics uses charts, maps, and illustrations to tell a visual story to help you better understand these things, and the details of our solar system. The information does not go incredibly deep, because that is not what infographics are for, but does inform and intrigue readers with any interest in space. The glossary, interactive aspects towards the end, and section about further information will be key tools for the most interested readers.

I would recommend The Solar System Through Infographics for classroom and library collections,. this is a great tool for inspiring interest and discussions about space and astrophysics. It is a great starting point for the most dedicated of space enthusiasts and can inspire questions and further investigation.

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