Book Review: Ladybugs Have Lots of Spots by Sheryl and Simon Shapiro

Ladybugs Have Lots of Spots is a concept picturebook by Sheryl and Simon Shapiro. In this colorful and crisp book readers see examples of spots being fat or thin, coming in sets or alone, and big or small. The pages encourage children to explore the idea of what is round with poetry and photographs. The examples include the spots on a ladybug's back, a ring on a finger, a wheel on a bike, and much more.

Ladybugs Have Lots of Spots is a fun and bright book that explores the concept of 'round' using words such as "dot," "spot," "loop," "hoop," and "ring." I enjoyed the variety of round things and the way it details that things can be both similar and very different at the same time. I think that the book can be fun for pre-readers and emerging readers,especially for any child that likes to play seek and find games. Taking the idea of searching for various round items outside the book can bring home the concept while making it fun.

I would recommend Ladybugs Have Lots of Spots for introducing or exploring the concept of 'round' and for inspiring games that include hunting for particular shapes or objects in the world. I think the book would be well suited to library collections, homes, and preschool and Kindergarten collections.

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