Book Review: Lace One-Skein Wonders: 101 Projects Celebrating the Possibilities of Lace Edited by Judith Durant

Lace One-Skein Wonders: 101 Projects Celebrating the Possibilities of Lace edited by Judith Durant is a collection of well explained lacy patterns for every knitter. I know I am always picking up a new yarn or color with no particular plan or pattern in mind. Books like this help me put each and every one of those skeins to use. The book offers 12 hat and cap patterns, 9 mitten, glove, and cuff patterns, 7 sock patterns, 11 baby wear patterns, 2 blanket patterns, 2 toy patterns, 19 scarf patterns, 9 cowl patterns, 15 shawl and stole patterns, 8 miscellaneous lacy accessories, and 7 miscellaneous home accessories. While all of the patterns are knit using a lacy pattern, a variety of yarn weights are used.

Lace One-Skein Wonders is broken up into sections that include; head to toe( has things for heads, hands and feet), knits for kids (baby wear), it's a wrap (scarves, cowls, shawls, wraps) and accessories(bags, headbands, etc), and for the home( pillows, bath sets, cozies). There is an appendix showing diagrams on many techniques and helpful information about certain stitching as well as simple, but important, notes and tips from the author  between the chapters. Knitters that are looking to liven things up with a lacy pattern, or just looking to expand their knowledge base, will find something worthwhile here.

I would recommend Lace One-Skein Wonder to readers that enjoy knitting, always looking for a new project, and have single skeins of yarn they want to make into something beautiful. While none of the patterns are geared towards men (as you might expect), there is a variety of lace patterns here that offers something for just about every kind of knitter.

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