Book Review: Never Deal with Dragons by Lorenda Christensen

Never Deal with Dragons by Lorenda Christensen is the first book in the DRACIM series. Myrna Banks is a mediator that works to work out issues between dragons and people. Her typical day involves consoling sobbing or raging dragons and getting compensation for humans that have suffered loss because of dragon actions. One day her ex-boyfriend Train appears with a job that would include negotiating for hostage release and hopefully averting a dragon war. While Myrna tries to remember Trian's betrayal, she is distracted by her attraction and the secrets he is still keeping from her.

Never Deal with Dragons was a good urban fantasy or paranormal romance. The world building was well done, although some of the pseudo science was a bit silly. I absolutely love the quirky, smart, and determined personality of Myrna. She was level headed and dealt with everything thrown at her in a calm and collected manner. I was less enamored of her actions toward Trian, and his character as a whole. He has big secrets and has betrayed Myrna in the past, leaving her stuck in a crappy job. I think she falls for the hormones and good looks a little too easily- he stole classified documents and left her. It would take more than a few smiles and a dragon ride for me to forget the level of wrong from him. However, the action and quirky humor through out the book left me still happy with the read. I am hoping that future books in the series continue with the fun voice and feature a more deserving hero for a happily ever after.

I enjoyed Never Deal with Dragons, despite my issues with the main character. It did not stand out as a must read, but is worth picking up from the library stacks. I look forward to seeing what Christensen writes next, because I see great potential in her voice.
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