Book Review: Hocus Pocus Takes the Train by Sylvie Desrosiers

Hocus Pocus Takes the Train by Sylvie Desrosiers is a cute picturebook about a magic bunny. So maybe Hocus Pocus is not really magic, but he is the rabbit a magician pulls from his hat. He sees a toddler drop a stuffed toy and goes up against a fast train and a meddlesome dog in his quest to reunite the pair. The wordless book in graphic novel format can keep readers of all ages and abilities entertained as the follow the rabbit's adventures.

Hocus Pocus Takes the Train is a deceptively simple story because of the lack of words. However, the illustrations and story about a rabbit overcoming fairly large odds to do a good deed (with no recognition mind you) are wonderfully done. Readers that are two young to have read such a story can easily empathize with the rabbit and his quest, as well as with the lost stuffed animal and toddler that is missing it.  At the same time, older readers that might otherwise avoid the picturebook section can see this as a graphic novel and appreciate it on another level.

I would recommend Hocus Pocus Takes the Train to readers of all ages. It is a well done story with a graphic novel feel. It is something that just about every young reader can understand, relate to, and enjoy. It is not something that I would add to my personal collection, but I think it is definitely worth checking out from your local library.
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