Early Book Review: Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken

Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken is the sequel to the young adult novel Darkest Minds (which was fabulous). If you have not read the first book, do not pass go and start reading here- you REALLY need the back story to understand Never Fade, which is scheduled for release on October 15 2013. In this sequel Ruby is a team leader in the Children's League. She does not like using her gifts in the way she is asked, but does what she has to do to protect the people she cares about most. When her situation and feeling for Liam become too complicated Ruby takes on her most dangerous mission yet, leaving the league behind to find vital information about the disease that gave them all their powers and somehow finding away to save Liam as well as those she left behind in the league as things take an even more dangerous turns inside. Ruby will do anything to protect the people she loves. But what if winning the war means losing herself?

Never Fade picks up shortly after Darkest Minds ends, and I say again that if you are considering starting the series here do not. Go back and start at the beginning so you can understand how all of the characters reached this point. Ruby has removed herself from Liam's mind and joined the Children's League in order to keep him free from them. She has to use her gifts to retrieve information and to keep those under her care safe. Ruby uncovers plots within the league and without, makes new friends and teammates (my favorite of which is Jude), and gets to meet the infamous Cole (brother to Liam). Ruby battles new and old enemies, and still struggles with her own self worth. The book is high action, with plenty of returning characters, drama, betrayal, and twists to keep readers happy. However, I do not want o share specifics about the plot and ruin the adventure reading it for the first time offers. If you read the first book, and managed not to destroy it in your fits of frustration wondering what might happen next, here is your answer. However, another cliff hanger awaits- so be ready to survive another wait for the third book in the series, which is currently still untitled by schedule for publication in December of 2014.

I highly recommend Never Fade to everyone that has read, and loved, Darkest Minds. It was a thrilling follow up, with huge character growth, tons of action, and lots of suspense. I will warn you, and let it be widely known, if you are deeply troubled by cliff hanger endings then I suggest you wait to read this series until all of the books have been released. The cliff hanger at the end of Never Fade is just as frustrating to eager readers as the ending of Darkest Minds was- if not more so. However, it was still a great read and one I recommend to Bracken fans.
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