Early Book Review: Defiant in the Vikings Bed by Joanna Fulford

Defiant in the Vikings Bed by Joanna Fulford is a historical romance scheduled for release on September 17 2013. Leif Egilsson is a warrior that that has been hurt in the past and has serious trust issues. Lady Astrid agrees to run away with Leif as his mistress- but their attempt leads to him taken prisoner and made into a slave. Distrust, escape, and rescue lead to the tables being turned and Astrid becoming Leif's captive. He craves revenge, but Astrid will not back down or accept guilt for something she did not do.

Defiant in the Vikings Bed is a historical romance that did not match the initial blurb. The back cover focused only on the aspects of Lief and Astrid being captives and a a whole lot of revenge seeking. While I was disappointed with Lief's attitude and personality change while he was angry, there is more to the book than that portion. In fact, it takes quite awhile to even get to the point when the action gets moving. Lief and Astrid meet and develop a liking for each other long before anyone is a captive. I found the before section to be the most romantic, but slowest going. Once the anger and rescues start flowing I seriously start to dislike Lief. While I adore a wounded alpha male, he strayed a little to far into the realm of mistreating other to make me happy. On the other hand, I did adore Astrid who saved the book from being something I had to walk away from to something I had to see through just because of her strength and intelligence.

Defiant in the Vikings Bed was not the worst of the genre, but not one I would widely recommend. While Astrid was a wonderful heroine, I just did not connect with Lief of see that much actual romance in the story. However, I cannot say that everyone will agree with me and some viking relate romance fans just might adore this one.
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