Book Review: Song for Papa Crow by Marit Menzin

Song for Papa Crow  is a picturebook written and illustrated by Marit Menzin about a young crow who is upset that he cannot sing as prettily as the other birds. He just wants to play with them, but when he sings they all laugh at him and scatter. The Amazing Mockingbird can help him sing like the other birds. However, without his old caw how can his father help him when trouble wings overhead.

Song for Papa Crow is a beautiful picturebook with collage artwork that really bring the birds to life. In the story we see a young crow that just wants to fit in with everyone else, who like to laugh at him rather than play with him because of his discordant song. His father reassures him that his caw is special and has a purpose, but like every youngster wants to be better like by those around him. In the end the young crow learns that singing his own song and the love of his family- and those that really care- is more important than popularity. A wonderful lesson for people of all ages, and one that should be repeated often as a new school year is underway. Though out the book there are colorful illustrations, descriptions of the calls from a variety of birds, and additional information at the back of the book about some North American birds and their sounds really give this book the perfect  balance of entertainment and education.

I highly recommend Song for Papa Crow for school and public library collections. I think that children and families with a love of animals, natures, and the great outdoors will especially enjoy this book.
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