Book Review: Bad Nights by Rebecca York

Bad Nights by Rebecca York is a contemporary suspense romance. Morgan Rains is a psychology professor that is just going through the motions of life since the loss of her husband. While alone in a cabin she is contemplating selling she hears a strange noise outside, only to discover a stranger that happens to be wounded and naked in her backyard. Private operative and former Navy SEAL Jack Brandt has escaped torture after an assignment goes wrong. Morgan drags him into her cabin and does what she can to treat his wounds, only to discover that an act of kindness brings the people Jack has escaped from to her front door. Together they run and fight for survival and discover the danger is even larger than they expected.  Jack and Morgan are finding in each other a reason to live, if they can survive.

Bad Nights is a suspense romance that offers plenty of action and tight spots to keep readers on the edge of their seats. However, I was sad that I could not connect more with the characters. Morgan is a widow, still going through the grieving process, and just happens to be a psychologist that is too afraid to practice and teaches instead. She is just going through the motions of life, and it seems like even after she 'falls in love' with Jack she is still not really completely invested in life.  Jack is a better done, but I still do not fully connect with him, he is suffering for survivors guilt and just seems incomplete. The action was great, but readers that really enjoy character driven stories (like myself) rather than stories where they just seem reactive, might find themselves disappointed. I have liked many of York's past books, and I think that is more where my disappointment lies- because I have seen her do so much better than this.

Bad Nights is a book I would recommend to fans of the high action romance, rather than those that prefer to fully connect with the characters. High action, a bad guy with some serious issues, and wounded souls falling for each other might make many readers happy. I was not a bad book, but not up to that standards I have for the author.
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