Picturebook Review: Oh, The Things My Mom Will Do by Marianne Richmond

Oh, the Things My Mom Will Do...: Because She Loves Me Through and Through! by Marianne Richmond is a great picturebook about all the little things moms do every day. Children might not see the love that keeps moms chasing after school buses with forgotten lunches, nursing sick hamsters, or sewing costumes for school plays through the night, but this book shows them in charming detail. The book is sweet, heartfelt, and amusing to every parent, caregiver, and child smiling to see recognizable moments within its pages.

Oh, The Things My Mom Will Do captures the no-so-routine moments of parenthood in rhyming verses. The cadence is fun to read, and the illustrations are funny in a way that a mom will understand and the children will chuckle at. It is a great book to read as a family, and kids around five and up will be able to appreciate the story and the message about all the crazy things moms do for their children. However, I think this book is also great for a read by moms- all by themselves- if they can get the five minutes alone it would take.

I would recommend Oh, The Things My Mom Will Do to families and libraries to add to their collection. It is great for group reading. However, I think the best use of this book would be as a gift for Mothers Day, Baby Shower, or any mother or grandmother (or other guardian) that you want to show appreciation too. Just acknowledging the amount a mother does, and showing that it is noticed and much appreciated, is the best gift of all.
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