Book Review: Red and Her Wolf by Marie Hall

Red and Her Wolf is the third novella, or short novel in the Kingdom Series by Marie Hall. Violet was a beautiful child, but she was born of wild magic and carries the darkness and excess magic of the fairies in her body. She is The Heartsong and the physical manifestation of unbridled magic. Because of this she was slated for death, and only some desperate planning, her inner power, and love can change her destiny. Ewan of the Blackfoot Clan was sent to kill The Heartsong, but he knew in mere moments that Violet was his mate, and he would do anything to protect her, even if he could not keep her. Their first meeting triggers a series of events that lead Violet to hate Ewan and for him to gain the title of the Big Bad Wolf. When they are finally reunited they must find away to stop the evil that has been hunting Violet and to help her master the powers granted through her unusual origins.

Red and Her Wolf has more fairy tale echoes than the two previous books in this series. Readers not only get a new take on the Red Riding Hood story but we also see more of Wonderland, the witch from Hansel and Gretel, and basic forest in the kingdom. I really like the character of Ewan, even though he was not all the bad. He was cast as the villain only because of appearances and the goals of the fairies with the most power. He is strong, protective, and willing to do anything to protect Violet (who calls Red of course) even if it means letting her go. My only annoyance came from the constant writing of dialogue with the Scottish brogue, I love a Scottish hero but it was a little too much at times.  Red, or Violet, was a character of contrast. She was sweet and innocence but made of darkness and could only access her gifts through anger and hate. However, she needs those powers to defeat the evil dark fairy that set all this in motion and pretty much save the world. So, there are deceptions, lots of stuff about Danika and the other fairies that might be important later, and some cool twists, but I loved that it was only in finding love and accepting herself as a whole that Red gains her wolf.

Red and Her Wolf was a more complex story than Her Mad Hatter or Gerard's Beauty, with almost too much going on. However, I still loved the story and read it in a single sitting. I highly recommend this series to readers that like re-imagined fairy tales,and short romances that are well-paced and do not speed ahead to the sex scenes.  I cannot wait the get my hands on the next two books; Jinni's Wish and Hook's Pan.
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