Book Review: The Hunter by Monica McCarty

The Hunter is the seventh book in the Highland Guard series by Monica McCarty. This is a series that is much more fun when you read in order, or at least a few of the books to get an idea of the characters, but each novel is also readable on its own. Ewen “Hunter” Lamont is prized for his tracking skills. Those skills make him the perfect man for a dangerous assignment, finding a missing undercover courier and bringing her back to safety. However, Ewen has met his prey before as “Sister Genna,” and is determined to keep this independent woman safe. Janet of Mar is the courier, and willing to risk everything as a royal messenger. She is determined to continue her work, but terrible danger bring Janet and Ewen together in their efforts to aid Robert the Bruce. each have their own demons to battle, but maybe together they can save the day, and each other.

The Hunter is another fun and sensual romp through the highlands. Janet of Mar is a strong and brave heroine that is trying to make up for a poor decision in her past by risking herself as a royal messenger. I really liked her character, her determination and strength were the perfect addition to the story. Ewan is haunted by his father's disreputable behavior and vows to be everything that his father was not. He wants to be the perfect soldier, the perfect hero, but has a hard time listening to his heart. Not unexpected in an alpha male. Each of the main characters have baggage that they need to sort through, and they pair together perfectly. I loved the banter between the two, and the interactions with the secondary characters from the series. I also enjoyed the author's consistent level of research and historical integrity. In the afterword of each book of the series she shares which stories from history inspired her, and what changes she made to known facts in order to craft her story.

The only thing that has started bothering me about the series might be my own fault for reading two or three in a row. I am getting a little tired about hearing how big, strong, and absolutely gorgeous the men of the Highland Guard are. Yes, I understand that the men need to catch the eyes of the ladies and it makes for some fun moments or jealousy, but even when a hero is described as huge and frightening, he is also somehow irresistible- and not just to their heroine.

The Hunter is another fun read with solid historical research from McCarty. I recommend it highly to fans of the series, those that love a romance involving men in kilts or that are warriors, and those that just want a good weekend of reading. If you have read any of the Highland Guard series, then you already know what to expect here- almost instant attraction with some awesome banter and suspense along the way. Enjoy!
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