Book Review: Shadow Chaser by Jerel Law

Shadow Chaser by Jerel Law is the third book in the Son of Angels series.  In this installment Jonah, his siblings, and the rest of the quarterlings are honing their skills and preparing for some serious mid-term exams. However, the added stress of health problem for Jonah and his mother, his efforts to do good getting his friends hurt or in trouble, and the typical struggles of a young man trying to fit in and achieve praise are making things decidedly difficult. Can Jonah figure out what is going on around him, prepare for the exams, and keep his faith in Elohim strong? The challenges Jonah must face will put everything on the line, and be the hardest to overcome.

Shadow Chaser is the most action packed and exciting book in the Sons of Angels series yet. The struggle between Elohim and Abaddon is ramping up, and Jonah seems to be an important player. His life, and faith, are on the line from the first chapter of this book. The trials Jonah must face are reminiscent of Job's trials in the Bible, and both good and bad will come from the struggle. The interactions between Jonah and his siblings and friends are poignant and feel very real. I enjoyed many parts of this story, and had a hard time putting it down because I wanted to see how people would handle each new situation. There is no doubt that this is a piece of religious fiction; with weapons, defenses, and the ultimate goal of true faith.

I recommend Shadow Chaser to those that have read the first two book in the series and enjoyed them. I would recommend the entire series to parents and children that would like something with high action and fantasy that holds with the values of the Christian faith. Even those that are looking for a series full of supernatural fights and action adventure stories for children, and can handle some serious scripture and religious themes tossed in for good measure can enjoy the series.
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