Book Review: Rainbow Stew by Cathryn Falwell

Rainbow Stew by Cathryn Falwell is a wonderful picturebook about three children who's visit with their grandfather is almost ruined by the weather. However, despite the wet, rainy day the family spends the day picking a variety of vegetables from the garden and making rainbow stew. The combination of great use of colors and words makes this a great story to share.

Rainbow Stew not only shows the variety of great colors we might find in the garden, or produce isle for those with less than green thumbs, but also that a family can have fun together regardless of the weather they face. Picking vegetables in the rain might not sound like fun, but if approached the right way, with the right people, anything can become fun. I really liked that after the vegetables are picked, the family works together to prepare the stew, and then sits down to read books as they wait for the stew to cook. This made the day seem that much more fun and homey to me. I would not have minded spending some of my recent wet weather with this family and enjoying that kind of day.

Rainbow Stew is a great book to share with a family that enjoys the outdoors, gardening, and/or cooking. It is also good for families in general, and to start a discussion about family, healthy eating, cooking, and gardening.
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