Book Review: Goliath's Secret by Bonnie Feuer

Goliath's Secret by Bonnie Feuer is a picturebook that highlights the idea what we see, or expect, is not always the full story. In this story seven animals who live in a lush West African Forest see the Goliath Frog. The all believe him to be wonderful, but feel bad that he can not speak like they can. So, they each thy to 'help' the frog to discover his voice only to be disappointed by his lack of interest in their efforts. In the end, the Goliath Frog reveals a delightful secret.

Goliath's Secret is a beautiful book in many ways. It has 32 original watercolors for its illustrations, which capture the waterfall and life that thrives in the forest. The animals are depicted very nicely, and in their contemplation of the frog, they reveal information about themselves, their home, and the Goliath Frog. I like that the kind, but misguided animals want to help the frog, and that they discover that being different is not the hardship they expect it to be.

I recommend Goliath's Secret for public and school library collections, and for sharing with children of all ages that love nature. Curious children that enjoy learning about animals and other areas of the world will particularly enjoy the book. I can also think of several people that love picturebooks with wonderful artwork that I think would greatly enjoy adding this to their collection. The book could also be used as a discussion starter about kindness, helping, diversity, and listening.
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