Book Review: The Dogma of Cats for Kids by Debra Snyder

The Dogma of Cats for Kids by Debra Snyder is an adorable picturebook that pairs cat images with bits of feline wisdom. The advice to slow down and approach life with cat-like grace in order to live a happy and loving life is served in a fun and open way making it approachable, acceptable, and smile inducing for readers of all ages.

The Dogma of Cats for Kids is a book intended to inspire. Typically books focused on making the reader change something about themselves, or the way they look at the world, annoy me as they offer platitudes or pat advice that seems both simple to understand and impossible to implement. Perhaps that trap was avoided because this audience included the preschool and kindergarten set along with everyone else. Who couldn't stand for a good long stretch when needed, or other simple changes that feel good while helping improving the look on life? I am going to strive to act more like my cat, and care more about the heart and less about the little things that annoy in life.

The Dogma of Cats for Kids is sweet and simple, connecting simple but fun images with kitty karmic advice that matches beautifully. I caught myself looking at my cat or smiling several times during my read. I particularly loved letting my daughter find the 'hidden' black cat on each page.I recommend the book for cat lovers, and those that need to focus more on the good thing like food and fun, of all ages.
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