Audio Book Review: Fire Prophet (Son of Angels, Jonah Stone) by Jerel Law Narrated by Kelly Ryan Dolan

Fire Prophet is the second book in the Christian action Son of Angels, Jonah Stone series by Jerel Law. I do recommend reading (or listening to) this series in order. The first book in this series was Spirit Fighter. The series explores the idea of the children of angels, and their children discovering their heritage and fighting for the side of good against fallen angels here on earth. In Fire Prophet, the quarterlings, or individuals that are one-quarter angel; siblings Jonah, Eliza, and Jeremiah are attacked by fallen angels at school and discover that quarterlings are being targeted all over the world. The kids go into hiding and undergo special angel training to help them discover their own unique angelic gifts and harness the will of Elohim in order to do his will. In the process they meet other quarterlings, make friends and rivals, and have the task of sneaking out to rescue a kidnapped prophet, who just might hold the key to a battle between good and evil.

I listened to the audio book of Fire Prophet since I enjoyed Spirit Fighter, and had the electronic galley of the third book awaiting my attention. Kelly Ryan Dolan did a wonderful job with their narration, which can make a huge difference in any listener's enjoyment of the book. The action in this sequel is fast paced, with more scripture and faith based warfare then I remember from the first book. The character development of Jonah, Eliza, and Jeremiah is very well done, and I enjoyed the addition of the other quarterings to their unexpected adventures. They all face coming to grips with mortal danger, and with the idea that their faith and prayer are the best tools to protect themselves and destroy the evil around them.

I recommend Fire Prophet to those that read and enjoyed Spirit Fighter, and all those that want to read about all the magic and adventure you might find in other children's books with a deeply spiritual twist. While Spirit Fighter could really be enjoyed by those of any monotheist religion, Fire Prophet and the next book in the series Shadow Chaser are a little more Christian-centric. I have a copy of Shadow Chaser, and a review should follow shortly.
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