Early Book Review: To Sin with a Viking by Michelle Willingham

To Sin with a Viking by Michelle Willingham is the first historical romance in the Forbidden Vikings series. It is currently scheduled for release on July 23 2013. Caragh Ó Brannon has led a hard life and is practically starving in her efforts to make sure her brothers, and their village, survives some very had times. When her younger brother attacks a ship of vikings that land on their shore, Caragh does the only thing she can to protect her foolish brother, she takes the leader hostage with a quick swing and some serious luck. Now she is alone with one angry viking. Styr Hardrata had sailed to the shore looking for a new home and trade along with his wife and closest companions. As he worries over the safety of his wife, even if their marriage has been less then perfect, Styr becomes enthralled by Caragh and begins to feel protective towards her, and much more. Can the two find common ground, find the missing, and perhaps a better future?

To Sin with a Viking was a well-written and interesting historical romance. I liked Caragh's character a lot, she is smart, resilient, and generous to a fault. Styr was a little too much of a martyr for my tastes, and I think that the complications of his wife and some of the complications they encounter while searching for their missing family and friends were a little unnecessary. The story could have been just as interesting, and the emotions and relationship growth between the pair would have felt more  intense to me if the story's action had been a little more stream lined. There was enough antagonism and issues in Caragh's village to provide the needed conflict without going so far afield. However, that being said, the additional action allowed for some character introduction and growth that might just be important in coming installments, so I can understand why it was included and still enjoyed the read. Although, I will admit to getting a little impatient waiting for the inevitable happily ever after.

I would recommend To Sin with a Viking to readers that love a historical romance involving vikings (I know you are out there) as well as readers that like complicated romantic entanglements. The main characters are solid, and there are some fun bits of humor tossed in among the action and romance to keep you wondering just what you might find on the next page.
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