Book Review: Which is Round, Which is Bigger by Mineko Mamada

Which is Round, Which is Bigger by Mineko Mamada is a playful picture that works with the concepts of size and shape. It seems like a simple idea, but this book gives comparisons that are unexpected and will make readers of all ages stop and look a little closer, and think a little differently. For example; which is red, and apple or a watermelon. The answer seems obvious until each of the fruits is cut open and offers a new perspective.

Which is Round, Which is Bigger looks like an average picturebook from the cover, and the first couple pages. However, and the questions and new slants on te answers progress it becomes so much more. This is a great book to open up conversations about looking a little deeper or examining things from all angles rather than simply settling for the most obvious answer. A lesson adults need to be reminded of just as often as children.

I think Which is Round, Which is Bigger  belongs in the library and the classroom, although it would be great in a personal library as well. It could help a creative mind stay that way, and help unexpected suggestions from others feel a little less unusual.
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