Book Review: Super Hair-o and the Barber of Doom by John Rocco

Super Hair-o and the Barber of Doom by John Rocco is a fun picturebook about a boy and his friends that play superhero a lot. Rocco believes that his super powers come from his hair, and that the crazier his hair gets, the more powerful he becomes. One day Rocco is dragged to the barber and gets a haircut. In his despair about the loss of hair, and possibly his powers, he discovers that the rest of his crew and their crazy hair, have all met similar fates. In the end, Rocco discovers that he is just as super as ever.

Super Hair-o and the Barber of Doom is full of bold images and high energy as the group of young boys use their imaginations and play around the neighborhood. Rocco's narration of the story is sweet and earnest, an honest account of a young boy's mind and how the imagination can color the world around us. A great lesson for those convinced that the car they drive, their perfect hair or shoes, and simple moments in life can be the source of their success when it is really the4 heart and mind that carry Rocco (and us) to new heights.

I recommend Super Hair-o and the Barber of Doom for personal, school, and public libraries. It can bring back great moments for the adults that see it, especially if they were comic book fans or fiercely attached to their big wheels back in the day. It could also be used to help a child that is afraid of their first hair cut, washing their lucky socks, or some other mundane action that might rob them of special abilities.  The book is fun and a great feel good pick for all ages.
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