Book Review: Camp ABC: A Place for Outdoor Fun by Zora and David Aiken

Camp ABC: A Place for Outdoor Fun by Zora and David Aiken is a picturebook that combines reinforcing the alphabet with the great outdoors. The book uses twenty six ways to have fun camping; such as watching birds, hiking, and fishing to review the alphabet while imparting the need to care for the world around us. The simple rhymes and full color illustrations which fill the pages are a great way to introduce a love of nature, the importance of conservation, and simply how to have fun outdoors.

Camp ABC has great full page illustrations which illustrate the four line poem for each letter. I will say that some of the word choices are not always as obvious as the are in some books, but the artwork and poem make the choice clear. I rather liked seeing some less than expected choices made, too many alphabet books seem to stick with the expected words, rater than making younger readers take a moment and think.

I think that Camp ABC is a great book for children, and families that enjoy camping, fishing, or simply spending a lot of times outdoors. It could also be a good way to introduce the idea of camping and what activities you might take part in before leaving for a young persons first camping trip.
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